Ernest Sports ES16


Voraussichtlich ab April / Mai 2016 in Europa erhältlich – Präsentiert wurde der ES16 auf der PGA Show in Orlando im Jänner, wir haben den ES16 getestet. Erstes Fazit, schaut nach einer tollen Option aus, und verspricht viel. Mal sehen ob das finale Produkt diesen Erwartungen gerecht wird.

Weitere Infos folgen, sobald wir diese haben.

Preis: um die 4.000  Euro ex. Ust.

Ernest Sports ES16
Available in April to May 2016 in Europe. Showcased had been the ES16 on the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, we tested it, as you can see in the Video. Looks like a superb Option for Indoor and Outdoor users, we will see if the final Product is fulfilling the promise.

For The First Time Quad Doppler Radar and Dual Photometric Cameras in One Launch Monitor

Ball Data

Carry Distance, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Ball Speed,

Landing Position, Lateral Deviation, Vertical Launch Angle,

Horizontal Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Skills Distance to the Pin,

Skills Score, Lateral Landing, Apex Height, Flight Time,

Shot Dispersion, Verticle Decent Angle

Club Data

Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Angle of Attack, Spin Loft, Club Speed Profile,

Club Acceleration Profile, Face to Path, Face to Target, Club Path, Dynamic Loft

Full simulation

Game play with putting

Doppler Radar = Best for speed
Camera Technology = Best for motion
Camera captures club face data