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Version 1.6. 

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TruGolf is the developer of the #1 selling golf simulator software E6GOLF which offers golf enthusiasts the most authentic virtual golf experience on the market. It truly represents the action of a golf ball with the environment, just as it would outdoors, immersing the player in the virtual environment. Our 3D proprietary physics-based engine illustrates the splendor, beauty, and nuances of many world-class golf courses.


The physics engine in E6Golf is unparalleled. The collision models for the various objects, terrains, and surfaces the ball encounters in our engine, reflect ball movement as it would on the physical golf course. The weather is not a visual effect, but actually influences ball flight and is completely customizable. Watch as the trees, flags, and bushes sway in the breeze, or change it altogether and play under monsoon conditions. Whether it is sunny, rainy, or windy – It is all under your control.


Not only is E6Golf the most accurate software on the market, but it also captures the unique beauty of over 85 of the world’s most renowned golf courses including: Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Bethpage Black, and Pinehurst. Our Time-of-Day Controls with Real World Lighting allowing for the truest depth, color, shadowing, and reflections on each course.


E6Golf is user friendly with easy navigation. Users have total power over the course and practice area and the state-of-the-art practice arena provides many more options and a lot more feedback, giving the player a much more precise practice session.


Improvements to the light model have made a dramatic difference in how the course looks. Courses are now brighter, morning and evening light up the terrain more realistic than before. The addition of a photo real sky dome gives a variety of sky types which add to the natural surroundings.


We’ve doubled the resolution of terrain textures, added a variety of cut patterns to tee boxes, fairways, and greens, along with region specific textures that provide each course its own unique look.



The ball and terrain physics in E6Golf have been enhanced, most noticeable in the improved putting. We’ve made changes to make the putting more authentic.


We’ve redesigned the whole front end User Interface, giving the user a more comprehensive menu system with multiple ways to quickly navigate.


Along with the redesigned interface we’ve added Player Profiles. Your Player Profile will allow you to:

  • Compete against other golfers in on-line tournaments.
  • Save Games automatically to the Cloud.
  • Store Stats and Round History in the Cloud for later review.
  • Have your golf handicap calculated based on your play.User Interface