Room Requirements Indoor Golf
Minimum Requirements Room Size Indoor Golf

Here is a short guide on how much space you need to be able to play indoors, including: also a sketch where you can see how much space you really need for your indoor experience.

Ceiling Height Indoor Golf

Depending on body size, the following rule of thumb applies
Your Body Size (height) plus 80 cm this is the minimum height of the room to be able to play liberated and without fear hitting the club on the ceiling.
If you are 180 cm tall, your room should be 260 cm high to be able to play.

This value is very subjective and depends very much on your own swing style, as well as your personal feeling when you swing the Club, whether it suits you or not.

Ceiling heights from 280 cm or more are ideal for Indoor Golf, with this ceiling height you can play free even if a basketball player wants to play with you.

System heights - in this area above the floor (vertical) the system must be mounted
Skytrak = has no minimum Height 
Bravo Golf Símulator = mind 260 cm / max. 310 cm
QED = mind. 270 cm / max. 305 cm


Minimum Requirements GSK Systems - Full Size Systems (Right and Left Hand)

The Ideal space for our GSK full size systems would be 600 x 500 cm or more in size.
But also a place of 450 wide and 500 cm long enough to be able to play on the full size systems.

From a room height of 280 cm the systems of Bravo and QED can be operated and we can use the MID Size Box for this room.

Depending on the design and order, we use one
Tee area of 60 x 90 cm, or even a hitting area of about 350 x 200 cm in size.

Minimum Requirements GSK Systems - Single Hand

On the sketch you can see a suggestion for our Home Box / Single Hand Design

Floor Dimension 300 wide / 400 cm long, for right or left-handers.
Suitable for SkyTrak, Bravo or QED!

From the ball to the wall behind the player, 185 cm height ... should be for

Driver Swings at least 240 cm of space are available
Iron Swings 180 cm are enough space here.

Room width 380 cm or more
To the right of the player (right-handed player) must be 180 cm for driver and 140 cm for iron Swings place, so you can swing "freely"
Room length 480 cm and longer
Ball to Screen = 250 cm
Hitting Mat Tee Turf= 150 x 150 cm

Minimum size of the room / at the smallest version of our GSK system: length 480 cm width 320 cm
The Videoprojector, in case of offset installation (ball is not centered), must be installed on the floor in a video projector floor box made by us, or it must be installed offset long distance projector.
Ansonsten kann der Beamer direkt auf unserer Impact Box montiert werden.

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