GSK BRAVO Golf Simulator

Hi Speed Camera System with the Golf Ball Tracking System from Bravo Golf

  • The GSK Bravo System is suitable for indoor golf centers, deluxe homes and ambitious golfers of all levels - who want to have a hassle free experience and good Ball Tracking.
  • Bravo Golf Simulator BV21 Golf Ball Tracking System
  • The Full Size Simulator Box Impact Box with a size of 400 x 290 x 150 cm, meets all professional requirements.
  • The Full HD Daylight 5500 Lumen Beamer brings a crystal-clear image to the impact wall and perfectly displays the data and the golf course in 3D.

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GSK BRAVO Feature List


Heavy Use - Golf Clubs, Hotels, Golf Pros, Training Groups Indoor Training for Ambitious Golfers, Single Handicapers, for the Golf Club as a Winter Option and Golf Professional
Small Room OptionIf the room is small then Bravo is your first choice!


BV21 Golf Ball Tracking
Club & Ball Tracking

Club Head
Speed and Club Path

Ball Tracking
Speed, Launch Angle and Launch Direction

Hi Speed Camera Ball Tracking


Bravo Golf Simulator
70+ Golf Courses included
Driving Range
Short Game Area
Incl. Pebble, Augusta and much more

Swing Camera System
2 Hi Speed cameras that record your golf swing and show it after the shot.


Full Size Simulator Box

Mid Version = 402 x 275 x 150
Big Size = 450 x 295 x 150
Full Closed Box 450 x 300 x 500

ALU frame system 60 × 60 mm

3 Layer Profi Impact Screen
Stop & Drop Roof Technology

Side cover black


3 layered golf floor construction
400 x 400 cm od. 400 x 450 cm
Flooring System by GSK
Augusta Putting Turf
Nylon Turf

30 mm Tee Turf XL
in the hitting and stance area of the player

Total height 42 mm


5500 Lumen Full HD Beamer
Full HD resolution
Long Throw Projection
Daylight projector Mega Hell
Ceiling mount on the impact box

4K projector + 3,200 euros


24″ Touch Screen
Full HD Touchscreen
16:9 Monitor


Hi End 3D PC
Intel i5 Prozessor
256 GB SSD HD Drive
1GB GTX 1080 3D graphics

Upgrade for 4K projector
i7 & 512GB SSD & GTX 1080 4GB graphics = +780 Euro


Do it Yourself Setup
Telephone setup Support by our team included

Assembly service from € 1.290 (European Union excl. Flight / hotel)


Inside EU:
1 pallet with shipping company
4-6 packages with parcel service

 Outside EU:
2-3 Palettes with Shipping Company

2-4 weeks from order


Executed price for above Set up
excl. VAT
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excl. optional versions
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